CPM New Segmentation Capabilities

CPM Marketing Group Inc., headquartered in Madison, Wis., is a pioneer in the development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, including database development, intelligent healthcare marketing systems and predictive market segmentation. CPM’s integrated solutions allow healthcare organizations to maximize their customer relationships through market analysis, strategic planning and targeted personal communications.

CPM Marketing Group introduces its Perceptual Profiles system, developed to enhance CRM campaigns through psychographics. Perceptual Profiles is an individual-based healthcare modeling system that defines how a healthcare message should be constructed to increase its effectiveness for a specific responder.

Perceptual Profiles is based on an individual’s beliefs of health and healthcare. CPM’s proprietary system is rooted in historic market research and completed through an innovative combination of database and survey research. Perceptual Profiles places individuals from a hospital’s CRM database into one of six segments which can determine messaging and match individuals with appropriate attributes that drive direct response messaging.

Perceptual Profiles can guide in the development of communication packages and increase response rate. Direct response is one of the best ways to achieve the conversion from need to action. The effectiveness of direct response is enhanced by matching message attributes to an individual’s psychographics. CPM’s system can help create a better message that resonates with an individual and cause them to take up an offer.

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Start of IPO Auction

NetSuite Inc., the on-demand business-management software provider controlled by Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison, said Monday that the auction for its proposed initial public offering of common stock has begun. NetSuite is conducting the offering as a modified Dutch auction.

NetSuite is offering 6.2 million common shares in the offering. In previous Securities and Exchange Commission filings, NetSuite said the IPO is expected to price between $13 and $16 each.

Based on the anticipated price range, NetSuite would have a market capitalization of $773.6 million to $952.2 million. Assuming an offering price of $14.50 per share, the company expects to raise net proceeds of about $80.9 million from the IPO, after fees and expenses.

NetSuite plans to use the net proceeds to repay the outstanding $8 million balance on the company’s secured line of credit with its controlling shareholder Tako Ventures LLC. NetSuite said it may also use some of the proceeds to make acquisitions.

The underwriters have an option to buy up to 930,000 additional shares from NetSuite and a group of selling stockholders, including Chief Executive Zachary Nelson and Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Evan M. Goldberg. Goldberg, a former Oracle employee, started the company in 1998 with Ellison’s help.

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